Rent it, in your way.

Key Features


Check Tenancy Score

Check and manage tenancy score to maintain good tenancy profile.


Real time information

Get real time high quality images and videos of properties.


Direct Negotiations

Do direct negotiations with property owners and get better deals.


Brokerage-free bookings

We provide brokerage-free platform for tenants and owners. No third party involvement.

Why Us?

Houseboon is creating the largest brokerage free technology driven housing network. We are integrating technology in the real estate industry to simplify the way people rent homes. Houseboon allows home seekers to check real time high quality images and videos of the property with detailed authentic information. It helps a home seekers to book property online directly through us.
HouseBoon also offers brokerage free services to both home seekers and house owners.

1,000+ Properties
2,500+ Tenancy Scores
500+ Owners Joined

Happy Clients

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