We are making your entire house rental journey very easy, affordable, and transparent.

Houseboon is solving the complexities and many key pain points of the residential rental market for the tenants and property owners by providing them a platform that is backed by AI-based Tenancy Score.

Tenants will be able to see the extensive, detailed, and verified information, not just about the property they are interested in but also reviews and ratings of locality and property owners from past tenants. Transparency will be the key attribute achieved by removing the involvement of third-party and brokerage services. This in turn makes it cost-effective for tenants and owners as they do not have to pay heavy brokerage fees and even alleviates last-minute surprises; thereby improving the entire move-in experience.

The lack of an efficient & transparent platform makes the leasing/renting process extremely complex, manual, expensive, and time-consuming resulting in a continued trust deficit between the Lessee and Lessor. This leads to the fact that 70% of the market is still operating offline due to this.

Houseboon makes this entire process very easy by providing an ecosystem that ensures 100% privacy to users, making it transparent and affordable.